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40 Facts about how psychology of color can boost your website conversions

8 Apr 2019 08:44

8 Tips That Will Make Ad Agency New Business Easier

21 Jan 2019 13:09

Professional Guest post by Michael Gass, Business Development Consultant | Speaker |Author of Fuel Lines Learn how to accelerate your agency’s positioning, inbound lead generation, network and referral business. Since 2007, I’ve conducted over 200 new business workshops for agencies in North and South America and Europe. No matter what country, I find there are some common problems when

E-mail marketing optimization hacks

26 Oct 2018 12:11

Although there are many marketing channels at your disposal, email is arguably the most powerful strategy for both B2B and B2C advertisers. This cost-effective solution enables you to reach potential customers in the place they visit every day – their inbox. However, it’s not enough to just send emails from time to time. Your potential

Mobile marketing

29 Jun 2018 09:04

Among the vast array of technologies that have changed the way companies handle marketing, one of the most prominent innovations are smartphones. Just think about how often you check your smartphone everyday. Mobile marketing is a multi-channel strategy which includes a wide range of activities that connect advertisers to a broader customer base through mobile

Business etiquette and body language blunders

9 Feb 2018 09:58

  There are certain behaviors we all know will raise eyebrows and offend people. Standing too close to someone while talking, double-dipping, and a feeble handshake, are all examples of behaviors that others find off-putting. Particularly in business, it’s crucial to avoid the common pitfalls and adhere strictly to etiquette, especially when in a foreign


24 Nov 2017 10:06

A week, a month, a year plus? The question of how long it takes to rank top of Google is one that we’re asked almost daily. Unfortunately, it is a difficult question to answer as there are just so many variables to consider: existing domain authority, competition, on-site ranking factors, off-site ranking factors… The list

Win every potential client!

30 Aug 2017 10:58

                            Only for independent Advertising – Digital – Media – and PR agencies. Contact: Since 2014 scientists have been able to visualize emotional processes of the brain. Comvort member trio-group developed the brandsync system with some of these scientists. brandsync is a unique working method for emotional branding, based on

104 Facts You Don’t Know About Mobile Marketing

13 Jul 2017 08:54

Mobile marketing currently represents one of the newest forms of digital marketing present on the market. For those who do not know, it provides customers with personalised information, promoting services, goods and ideas. The technique has been regarded as any marketing activity that is conducted through a network that mobile users are constantly connected to.

How To Track And Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

21 Jun 2017 09:10

A broken bone is relatively easy for a doctor to fix, but what if that doctor didn’t know which bone was broken? Putting the patient’s entire body in a cast might solve the problem, but it’s terribly inefficient — not to mention unpleasant for the patient. Knowing as much as you can about a problem

What Is Your Lead Generation Process for New Business?

27 Jan 2017 12:40

Believe it or not, most small to midsize agencies have no consistent process for generating online leads. Business development doesn’t have to be so difficult. With a little forethought and the creation of simple steps and processes, you can create a system that will make it much easier to kick-start your online leads. Here are

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